Handmade Chocolate Bonbons for Michelin-star chefs by world famous French artisan chocolatiers: 1kg box


Here are Le Haut Chocolat: the handmade ‘cocoa-beans-to-bonbons’ chocolates which are served by the Michelin-star chefs and five-star hotel restaurants worldwide—and now, to our Members, and at the chefs’ prices!

They are made in France by the renowned artisan chocolatiers Weiss. Their founder Eugène Weiss, the son of an Alsace winemaker, was the first to combine cocoa beans from different origins, applying the art of blending to cocoa beans like a winemaker combining different grape varietals in their wine. He is credited with inventing not only the ‘Neapolitaine’ but also ‘Le Haut Chocolat’, creating chocolate with unique flavours and aromas. Since 1882 Weiss have finessed the entire chocolate-making process, from sourcing the finest ingredients to roasting the best cocoa beans, all the way to the creation of each chocolate. Today, Weiss is a reference among gastronomy professionals and chocoholics alike.

Sophisticated and high quality, each chocolate is hand made using fresh natural flavours and finest couverture. These chocolates are delicious, and have just the right balance of sweetness and flavour, making them perfect to serve to your guests, alone or with coffee or after-dinner Cognac or port.

You receive 100 chocolates, giving you a full 1 kilo: 10 different varieties including the Desire Framboise, raspberry ganache with raspberry nibs, coated with dark chocolate; Caprise Praline Blanc, Italian Roman hazelnut praline coated with white chocolate; Passion, intense passion fruit jelly coated with dark chocolate; Caraque Lait, Spanish Valencia almond and Italian hazelnut praline with roasted almond nibs coated with milk chocolate; Caramel, soft and creamy caramel coated with dark chocolate; Rocher Noir ou Lait, Spanish Valencia almond and Italian Roman hazelnut praline with nougatine nibs coated with dark or milk chocolate; Praline Sesame, white sesame praline and Valencia almond praline with toasted sesame seeds coated with milk chocolate; and Palet Or Noir ou Lait, dark chocolate ganache coated with dark or milk chocolate. The variety means that everybody will find something original and delicious.

They will arrive fresh and in a plain white box, just as they arrive with the Michelin-star chefs. They are ready for transfer to your own serving platter—or to a presentation box if you are giving them as a gift.

Handmade Chocolate Bonbons by Weiss Chocolatiers of France, 100 Chocolates, 1kg.

RRP £100 plus delivery. CCUK £60 including UK mainland delivery.

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