World famous Amedei Pralines in a Vintage Caviar Tin: a deliciously original chocolate gift with a difference: three tins


Give an original gourmet gift of the world’s finest chocolates in a vintage caviar tin. The two are made for each other!

The classic blue caviar tin, a collector’s item in itself, is filled with delicious foil-wrapped Amedei Chocolates: 5 x Armonie Toscane dark chocolate pralines with almond filling (red foil), 5 x Armonie Toscane milk chocolate pralines with gianduja filling (brown foil) and 2 x Armonie Toscane white chocolate pralines with hazelnut filling (gold foil).

What makes Amedei pralines renowned worldwide is the creativity of the maître chocolatier, who makes the chocolates by hand in Tuscany using the finest fresh ingredients, cocoa beans, fruits and roots, balancing flavours, textures and aromas to perfection.

These delicacies are made to impress—and the large caviar tin at 10cm diameter and 3cm deep makes a suitably impressive, memorable disguise. And when the chocolates are long gone the caviar tin is still making a lasting memento on a desk or coffee table.

As to value, just the 12 pralines alone can be seen around the world selling for some £30. However, our Members can enjoy three of these original ‘Amedei in a Caviar Tin’ gifts for a total of £39 (£13 per tin), delivered to your door in time for Easter.

Three ‘Amedei Pralines in a Caviar Tin’. CCUK £39 including mainland UK delivery.