A kilo of the finest chocolate pralines: Cremino, by Amedei of Italy


Here they are—a full kilo of what are considered the world’s finest chocolates—Amedei. That, in case you are counting, is 120 pieces—even more than you can see in our picture above! But it’s the quality, not only the quantity, which is so sublime. These fine, award-winning Italian melt-in-the-mouth pieces of heaven are not as other chocolates.

Amedei are created in the Tuscan town of Pontedera—home to the Vespa scooter and Castellani wine—by the world’s first lady master chocolatier, Cecilia Tessieri. Winners of the highest accolades, the Academy of Chocolate Gold Awards, these are seriously adult chocolates to enhance the finest coffees and wines—and now we have selected the chocolates served by Michelin Star chefs and those highflyers among the London private clubs, Mark’s Club and Annabel’s, for our Members.

This prized chocolate is the Cremino, a creamy soft hazelnut praline which melts in the mouth and leaves a symphony of flavours. And, as we say, you can enjoy more than a full kilo of these perfect chocolates, 120 pieces in all. Cremino are beautifully made with 42% cocoa, a perfect balance between milk and plain chocolate—they look beautiful and taste divine! Masterpieces of master-chocolatier chocolate, they will arrive in an unassuming plain white box, just as they do when ordered by the Michelin-star chefs and London clubs. You can transfer to your own suitably elegant platter to serve, or a smart box to give as a gift. But you will not want to miss these transports of delight yourself!

Amedei are not only considered the world’s best chocolates, they are also among the most expensive. It is no coincidence that John Williams, the famous Executive Chef at The Ritz, uses Amedei chocolate for his finest creations and Amedei are so highly prized they sell for more than £200 per kilo.

CCUK Members £97. Free UK mainland delivery. 1 kilo plain box (120 chocolates).

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