Fabulous precious natural Colombian Emerald, Diamond and 18ct White Gold Ring from London’s Hatton Garden


The finest emeralds are from Colombia, which is where the stunning emerald in our new ring was mined. This fabulous natural emerald is a gorgeous colour, a bright green emerald weighing just over three quarters of a carat. This precious oval cut emerald has been given the classic setting it deserves—a pure contemporary style showcase, the emerald set above two lines of high-quality diamonds on the ring band. All are beautifully round brilliant cut and hand-set in 18ct white to set off the emerald to its maximum effect. It is fabulous!

Emeralds have had a fascination all down the ages. It is one of the most beautiful and prized of all gemstones, created in a real ‘baptism of fire’—formed when two separate chemicals in the earth’s crust are brought together by an unusual event such as an earthquake. The natural emeralds mined today are actually relics of geologic events that took place hundreds of millions of years ago, deep in the Earth’s crust. Because of this, the inclusions into emerald crystals—known as the ‘jardin’, or garden—do not detract from the value of a stone. On the contrary, minor imperfections found deep in the interior of a transparent, natural emerald are what give it character and assure the owner that is truly unique, original and unaltered stone. By this nature, emeralds are more prized than diamonds: Egyptians placed them in pyramids to denote eternal youth. The Romans believed they brought fertility. The Incas worshipped them. Philosophers have long said they bring wisdom to the wearer—which is why they are a quintessential stone of love and devotion (and the stone for 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries).

This ring is classically fine and beautiful. The Colombian emerald is 0.81 carats, the diamonds are .23 carats, F/G colour and VS quality, very white and flawless to the eye.

RRP £4,650. CCUK Members £1,800.

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