Beautiful cloisonné bangle: a work of art for £15


This exotic and beautiful handmade oriental bangle looks fabulous—expensive, Fifties-style vintage, and perfect with this season’s plain dresses. It is craftsman made using the traditional Chinese art of cloisonné, which appeared in the Yuan Dynasty in the mid-14th century and reached its peak in the reign of the Ming emperor Jingtai (1450-’57).

Because the objects were mostly blue (lan), cloisonné came to be called by its present name, jingtailan.

It is made in five different colours—dark blue, azure blue, white, gold and green, all decorated with pink flowers and green leaves, and all different, depending on the craftsman who made it. Incredibly inexpensive and irresistible, at £15 per bangle this has to be today’s El Snippo! Free delivery.

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