Craftsman-made English sterling silver-mounted mouthblown English crystal Chateauneuf Decanter

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The glint of English silver and the sparkle of fine crystal on the dining table or sideboard make serving fine wines even more special, and our aristocratic English sterling silver-mounted Chateauneuf Decanter is perfect for all connoisseurs of wine and English heritage. It is the most elegant of decanters to grace your table. With its sumptuous lead crystal (24%) and its craftsman-made sterling silver collar, it is for passing down as well as passing round!

The Chateauneuf crystal decanter is a classic, designed and made by the specialists at Dartington Crystal. It is entirely handcrafted—mouth-blown and finished in every detail—then passed to the craftsmen silversmiths, who make the silver collar, again totally by hand. After which it is the turn of the hallmarkers, who give it a full set of English hallmarks which are then engraved on the collar.

This is a beautiful piece of English craftsmanship to possess, its exceptionally distinguished shape a real pleasure. It has a capacity of 100cl, and is 30cm tall.

English sterling silver mounted Chateauneuf Crystal Decanter. RRP £395. CCUK £275.

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