The Ozpig from the Outback: outdoor wood stove, barbecue, fire pit and heater: currently unavailable


We had to smile when we first saw the Ozpig. Shaped like a pot-bellied pig, invented for the Australian Outback, it is a small, portable, highly effective outdoor wood stove, barbecue, fire pit and heater all in one, used for cooking, heating and campfire atmosphere, out in the countryside and at home.

Often referred to as an Ozpig BBQ, it is versatile as a cooker in that you can barbecue directly over the flames, or use the top to grill, griddle, fry or boil, or roast by adding a Dutch oven. With just some kindling and a couple of seasoned logs as fuel, it heats up quickly and cooks a great riverside trout, steak, chops, bacon and eggs, stir-fries, casseroles, curries, even pizza. A cookbook is included, with full instructions—but in fact the Ozpig is easy and intuitive to use.

As a heater, it’s perhaps better than a firepit because the heat is horizontal and the three-piece chimney means you can sit round the fire and warm yourself without the pain of having smoke in your eyes and clothes. In terms of clean and efficient burn, the Ozpig has a simple grate which lifts the fuel off the base and combustion performance is far more efficient than an open fire. It’s not difficult to clean, packs away into a carry-bag for moving and storage, and goes easily into a car boot for travelling. It is solid and well made in 3mm pressed steel, with four sturdy legs (chimney and legs pack into the body for travelling).

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