Omersa Super King Rhino: Save over £1,000 on this spectacular handmade work of art: Members’ exclusive price

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The Omersa Super King leather rhinoceros is a truly magnificent animal. At almost 6 feet long, he is something the whole family can sit on! A real collector’s item, it is handmade and totally unique.

Omersa leather animal footstools are world famous. Handmade since 1927, they have become collector’s items worldwide. They are beautifully made in Lincolnshire from the highest quality full-grain cow-hide, built around a steel frame, and they emerge as individuals with character and charm—one of the family, in fact.

The leather is hand stained, waxed and polished to achieve a luxurious rich brown antique finish. And as each piece of leather responds differently to the handcrafting process, no two animals are ever alike.

Omersa’s signature animal, designed in the 1960s, is the handsome rhinoceros. The Super King Rhino is almost 6ft long, 2ft 9in tall and weighs 40kg.

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