Daily Telegraph ‘BBQ Of The Year’: the celebrated Kamado Joe Jr: small grill, big flavour!


The Daily Telegraph named the fantastic Kamado Joe Junior ‘BBQ of The Year’. It was up against the major grills, including Weber and Big Green Egg, which fired up the Kamado Joe creators so much that we arranged an extremely preferential price for our Members. Put simply, the Kamado Joe combines a BBQ, hot smoker, pizza oven and outdoor oven—you can barbecue anything—but also make bread, puddings and cakes.

The Telegraph made the Kamado Joe Jr their ‘Hottest BBQ’, reviewer Xanthe Clay writing, ‘These Kamado ovens—a Japanese-style ceramic oven with excellent heat retention—were last year’s sensation. Simple to use, it’s not hard to get impressive results. The Joe worked just as well as the BGE but the price tag is much lower, plus it comes with the ceramic heat deflector (great for slow cooking).’

As to the food, the Kamado imparts rich, smoky flavour to meat, fish or vegetables. Air flows through the grill’s ceramic body and out of its vented dome, and the charcoal comes to life as smoke and heat. The food tastes delicious—and another reason for this is that the ceramic build of a Kamado gives it the build of an Aga. It is a sealed ceramic unit which means that moisture remains within the food, making it very hard to overcook and dry out your food. It is also temperature-controlled: just set your temperature and walk away for up to six hours.

Weighing up the ‘gas v charcoal’ pros and cons, the reviewer came down on the side of gas for year-round cooking. ‘Barbecuing isn’t just for summer. It’s great for spring and autumn too, or even bright winter days. I’ve had a garden full of barbecues for testing and the other day I cooked a chicken outside on the spur of the moment. It took barely an hour—I’d never have achieved this with charcoal on a damp April day.’ Another aspect which some might like is portability—at about 30kg this Joe is not light, but still it can be moved from the garden to the beach house, riverside or cottage.

RRP £499 plus delivery. Exclusive CCUK Members’ price, £397 including free delivery (there may be a supplement, depending on your postcode).

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