For the sporting gourmet: unlimited, easy, perfectly smoked fish, game and more: the Bradley Original Smoker delivered to your door with 48 Natural Wood Bisquettes and Cold Smoke Adaptor

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If you fish, shoot, having your own smoker will make the most of your catch or bag all year round (think of it—your own smoked salmon, pheasant, partridge or duck). Even if you simply enjoy smoked meat, poultry, cheese, nuts and dried fruits, a smoker will add delicious new tastes and variety to your menu. And if your smokehouse is portable—as is this now famous Bradley Smoker, which is about the size of a small fridge—it is even possible to take with you on sporting trips.
The Bradley Smoker is a multi-award-winner, for good reason. In its first year it won a first the prestigious Vesta Awards in the USA, beating 90 others in the best charcoal or wood barbecue category. Since then it has become the industry standard. It makes clean tasting food without any aftertaste. Another beauty is that while other smokers need to be tended constantly, the Bradley Smoker automatically produces clean, cool smoke for up to nine hours, safely and without intervention.
The secret of all this success is that the bisquettes burn for 20 minutes each in a way that the temperature does not fluctuate inside the unit. This eliminates the high temperature gases, acids and resins that can taint the flavour of smoked food. Plus the bisquettes are wonderful natural woods giving natural flavours to your foods: oak, alder, apple, hickory and cherry, for examples. With a Bradley Smoker you can quickly and easily create gourmet smoked foods which, literally, you can’t buy!
Powered by mains electricity, Bradley Smokers are capable of both hot and cold smoking: In fact, they do a remarkably fine job of cold smoking due to the sustained and controllable way in which the smoke is generated. For cold smoking, use of the Cold Smoke Adaptor (included) is recommended. So if you want to give the gourmet or sportsman in your life a really useful gift, this has to be the one—and as a Club Member you can enjoy advantageous prices on all models—here are three, highly recommended by our expert:
Bradley Original Smoker with 48 Natural Bradley Wood Bisquettes and Cold Smoke Adaptor. RRP £550. CCUK £397. Free UK mainland delivery (supplements for some postcodes).
Full 1 year manufacturer guarantee.
Read on for full details of the Bradley Bisquettes:
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