Join our Private Visit to HRH The Prince of Wales’s Garden at Highgrove on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, with a delicious Champagne Lunch: fully booked and new dates announced


Fully booked: new dates just announced!
We are honoured to announce an invitation to a Private Visit to the Royal Garden at HRH The Prince of Wales’s Estate at Highgrove in late June, when the Prince’s Garden will be at its best. After the current challenging times, a private visit to this wonderful Royal Garden will be an event to which we can look forward, lifting the spirits and rejuvenating the senses.
The date is Tuesday, June 29, 2021, and this special invitation is reserved for just eight guests, who will receive the most exclusive of private tours, given by one of the Princes specialist garden guides. This full-length two-hour tour will be followed by either a Champagne Lunch or a Champagne Afternoon Tea.
You can elect to join us on our morning tour or our afternoon tour. Our private morning tour starts at 9.45am and will be followed by a delicious two-course Champagne Lunch. Our private afternoon tour is at 3.15pm and will be followed by Highgrove’s famous Champagne Afternoon Tea.
This will be a memorable, unmissable occasion—and at the exclusive price of £97 including VAT. We know it will be a popular event with our Members and their personal guests, and numbers are of course extremely limited, so please don’t delay: click here to book your reservations now or call us now on 020 7399 2960.

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