Snowbee Double-Handed Spey Rod and Reel


As the design of double-handed rods for Spey-casters undergoes a renaissance, some makers concentrating on tournament casting, the focus for Snowbee is on advanced casting techniques in real situations—and they are delighted with their new rod series, the XS-P Spey Rod.

Built for fishers who love fine loop control, low swing tip-weights and lay-back casting styles, the rod has a light feel and smooth, middle-to-tip action.

You ‘feel’ the rod load early in the cast, yet still deliver tight loops at short and long distances.

The 14ft XS-P (right) is an excellent rod for serious fishers. It has an AFTM of #9/10 with optimum head weight of 40g/615 grains, and is made in high-performance Tri-modulus graphite with Portuguese cork.

Used with the world-class Snowbee XSD 1112 Salmon Cartridge Reel, which has a unique, ultra-efficient XS disc drag system, you can take on the largest fish knowing you have the backing capacity and the drag system to cope.

Spey Salmon Rod XS-P, 14ft, and XS-D 1112 Reel.
RRP £329 delivery excluded. CCUK £269 including delivery

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