Parker-Hale Sandringham Gun Cleaning Kit: only £77


Water, sweat, blood and oil (in the wrong place) are the main enemies of sporting guns, and to keep these evils at bay the cleaning ritual is vital. Generations of sportsmen have been brought up to regard it almost as a sacred duty. So, for a top-notch gift for a sportsman or woman, the Parker-Hale Sandringham Gun Cleaning Kit is an excellent choice.

A burgundy leatheret-covered wooden boxed kit, it has style as well as functionality. Any Gun, no matter how experienced, would appreciate it. The box incorporates a deluxe three-piece rod, Bisley patches
, Express oil and 009 Solvent, bronze bristle brush, wool mop, brass jag and duster.

It comes in 12g, 16g, 20g and 28g and contains all you need for the gun cleaning ritual to begin!
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