Hawke Endurance CF binoculars: 10×32


If you want a really good, easy-to-use, versatile pair of waterproof binoculars to give you clear, bright, sharp and wide vision at a sensible price, try these new Hawke Endurance close-focus range.

These are 10×32, but also come in 10×25 and 10×42, with a 10-year warranty, and have already received excellent reviews.

The binocular expert at Bird-watch magazine tested the two larger models against their peers and wrote, ‘Comparing the two popular birding models—the 32mm and 42mm—in the field, I was surprised at how good they proved to be. Both give an immediate impression of robustness … and the 32mm weighs substantially less than its peers.

‘General image characteristics measure up well: both binoculars return a reasonable field depth, sharpness almost to the edges and minimal curvature of field, while the field of view equals or betters some models with a higher price tag. Colour fringing is at an acceptably low level and the image is bright.’

Our Club expert agreed, and was also impressed at how quick they were to focus and how comfortable to use.

They are ideal to keep in your pocket or the car to reach for in a hurry and identify an unusual bird, to take with you out shooting, fishing or racing (horses, yachts and humans), or following hounds.

They are excellent in low light, at dusk and dawn, in fog and rain, and they work well at the opera or theatre.

The high-grade BAK4 optical systems have glass lenses that are fully multi-coated with ETE Microlux—an optical arrangement which gives that increased colour contrast, high light transmission and sharp, clean edge-to-edge clarity.

They are also tough and waterproof, nitrogen-purged so they do not fog up, and the die-cast aluminium body gives greater stability over plastic for precision near-focusing (down to 1.2 metres in the 10×42), which is another undoubted strength of these binoculars.

The body is encased by protective rubber armour, they come with a broad padded strap and carry case, and the two larger models have twist up eye-cups as well as individual click-in objective lens caps.

Choose green or black.

RRP £139.95 plus delivery. CCUK £107. Free UK mainland delivery.

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