The section of the Club Cellar for fortified wines is designed to hold delicious, viscous wine-based treats such as port, sherry, madeira and marsala, as well as vins doux naturels
, the sweet fortified wines of France, and the famous fruit liqueurs of Sicily and Italy. Dry versions are intended as apéritifs, while sweet ones are enjoyed either before or after meals, according to local taste and custom (the French prefer sweet apéritifs, the Italians bitter ones, and the British, some sweet and some dry). Below, our connoisseurs' summer choice. Soon the heavyweights from Portugal will arrive: the great vintage ports from the Douro, so delicious with cheese, the dry sherries to go with the silky sweetness of Iberian ham and smoked eel, the oloroso sherries to enjoy with cake and nuts, and the sweet wines which harmonise so wonderfully with foie gras (for preferential prices on all these foods and more, visit the Club Larder).

Gold-medal-winning dessert wine from a 15th-century Knights Templar's vineyard
This Gold Medal-winning wine from a 15th century Knights Templar’s own vineyard is a dessert wine of immaculate pedigree at a superb Club price. Gold-medallist at the Vignerons Independants awards, Château de Corneilla, Muscat de Rivesaltes 2010 is a super find, and delicious with foie gras.

Top dessert wine in Barsac, second only to d'Yquem: super Members-only deal on Cypres de Climens  
If you have a special dinner, and wish to serve a matching wine with foie gras, rich pâtés, cheese or pudding, the superb second wine from the Climens estate is our Tasting Panel’s choice. Second only to d’Yquem in Sauternes, and supreme in Barsac—this wine is the epitome of delicacy, finesse and complexity.

For the taste of la dolce vita: Sicily's famous fruit liqueurs at exclusive Club prices
The taste of these delicious fruit liqueurs will remind you of sun-drenched beaches and ‘la dolce vita’. Ice-cold after meals, they are an excellent digestif. Our four-bottle set comprises 50cl bottles of Limoncello Liqueur, Crema di Limone, Crema di Fragola and Mandarinetto Liqueur (or all Limoncello if you prefer).

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