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Tobago Plantations Beach & Golf Resort

Columbus named it ‘Bellaforma’ in 1498. Ian Fleming wrote his James Bond novels there in the 1950s, a bottle of Bollinger on ice nearby. Close your eyes and imagine what they saw, and felt: a near-perfect tropical isle, warm starlit nights and sun-bleached days, a glistening white curve of sand, intense blues of sea and sky, swaying palm trees and virgin forests, tropical flowers and fruits filling the air with perfume, bright-coloured birds and butterflies, and a welcome from a friendly rural people.

The island is Tobago. These days, as in the past, people come here to experience the real Caribbean. For centuries it has been, and remains, one of the world’s most natural, beautiful, peaceful places. It is the last of the Caribbean’s unspoilt islands —similar in size to Barbados yet with only 20% of its population and 5% of its visitors.

At 26 miles long and seven miles wide, it is a paradise in miniature, a feast for the eyes and senses: picturesque, bumpy roads wind around the coast past beautiful bays, then climb across the mountainous backbone through tall stands of creaking bamboo and dense rainforest—the western hemisphere’s oldest protected forest reserve—before plunging into the panoramic vistas on the other side. On one side, the wave-lashing Atlantic Ocean; on the other, the placid Caribbean Sea . . . . . . more

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