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Cotton House
The privately-owned island of Mustique is almost too good to be true. Fringed by perfect beaches and sparkling turquoise waters, crowned by lush green hills and speckled with rustic hamlets and luxurious villas, this exquisite tropical island in the Grenadines is a tiny fairytale isle about the size of Hyde Park. It is little wonder that the Royal Family (most notably HRH Princess Margaret and, most recently, HRH Prince William and his bride)

and others of star status have built homes there, and that these homeowners have kept the island to themselves for decades. Nevertheless, a single famous hotel stands in peace and privacy on the island—the only full-service resort on Mustique—and a stay here is as coveted as a private invitation. It is called Cotton House, its fame is world-wide, and our Members are invited to visit Mustique, to stay in Cotton House, and to enjoy the 45-minute flight to and from Barbados at exclusive rates . . . more

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