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Exclusive multi trip travel insurance

Our specialist insurers, Campbell Irvine of Kensington, have arranged an annual package so good you won’t ever have to think about travel insurance again.

How often have you travelled over-seas without taking out comprehensive travel insurance? Do the words, ‘I’m only going away for a few days: nothing will happen,’ sound familiar? We have all done it—and all heard horror stories in which people have travelled abroad believing, wrongly, that they were fully covered by their credit card. A word of warning: the cost of a single night in a hospital bed in the USA is now a staggering $12,000; treatment is extra.
With this in mind, we have put together one of the most comprehensive travel insurance policies available anywhere. It is exclusively for CountryClubuk members, under-written by AXA Insurance plc, and at a superb price. Our intention is to make travelling as easy as possible for you, and to provide a policy that will cover all your travels over 12 months, as long as no individual trip is more than 31 days. And, as an extra reassurance, we have incorporated a 14-day money-back guarantee.



This exclusive policy is available to CountryClubuk members aged 65 or younger, living in the UK or Europe for the duration of the insurance. Under a different arrangement we can also cover members aged up to 69.
For family members, cover can include partners for a small extra premium. Your children, if they are aged 18 years or younger, can be included free of charge, as long as they permanently reside with you and are not travelling alone, other than to meet a parent.
The cost of our special policy is only £79 (or £129 if you wish your partners to be included). Under the policy you can travel anywhere in the world without giving advance notice, as you will automatically be covered for any holiday. For an extra £20 per member, we can also extend cover to include your business travel. Should you participate in sporting activities while you are on holiday, our travel insurance provides cover for winter sports and scuba diving for up to 21 days, free of charge. Riding and other sports too numerous to list are also covered.
We have tailored the cover specifically to suit the needs of members. The benefits per person can be summarised as follows:
Medical expenses: £5m
Personal liability: £2m
Personal accident: £20,000
Cancellation or curtailment: £2,000
Delayed departure/arrival:£100/£1,000
Hijack of aircraft: £3,000
Failure of flight connections: £150
Interruption of transport: £300
Legal expenses: £5,000

Why does this not include cover for your personal effects and money? Because these should already be covered under your household policy— but you can extend our policy to include your personal effects on an indemnity basis for an extra premium of £25 for an individual policy, or £35 for a couple or family policy. With the personal effects cover, you receive the following extra benefits:
Accompanied personal effects: £1,250 (valuables and any one item limited to £200).
Money: £200
Passports and visa: £250

While most travel policies automatically exclude pre-existing medical conditions, we offer as a service a pre-departure medical screening. You can discuss with a trained nurse, in confidence, any pre-existing medical condition either you or any person upon whose health a trip depends. The nurse will assess the condition and let you know immediately whether cover can be extended and, if so, whether additional terms will be required. To make things even simpler, we never charge additional premiums to cover medical conditions.
One area excluded by most travel policies is terrorism. While we cannot cover members who travel to known problem areas, we can protect those who travel to normal holiday destinations, and who are then subject to spontaneous terrorist attacks (excluding nuclear, biological or chemical devices).


To take up this exclusive CountryClubuk offer, and to receive more details of any aspect of the policy, contact our specialist insurance brokers, Campbell Irvine, on 01737 223 687.


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