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Gourmet foods from around the World: exclusive Club prices
Caviar Foie Gras Wagyu Game & poultry Meats
The finest fresh caviar
Beluga, oscietra & more
Save up to 60%
Sublime foie gras
Save up to 40% on
Rougié, Georges Bruck
The best beef money
can buy: up to 45% off
Steak, joints and more
Seasonal fresh game
from covert and moor:
pheasant, partridge
Specialist meat deals
from suckling pig to
aged Galician steak
Ham & terrines Fish Shellfish Fine cheese Oils & preserves
Premium Iberico ham
Foie gras terrines
All at Members' prices
Wild Cornish turbot,
Dover sole, sea bass
Delivered to your door
Prime Cornish lobster
Scallops, crabs and
oysters at Club prices
Truffled whole Brie
Calvados Camembert
At wholesale prices
Truffle and olive oils
Honey, marmalades
The world's fine foods
Truffles Puddings Chocolates Confectionery Gifts
Finest fresh truffles
Top truffle products
Save up to 65%
Great Taste Award
winners: the ultimate
gourmet puddings
Michelin-Star Chefs'
chocolates at Club
prices: save up to 45%
Magnificent French
macarons and more:
Club saving up to 64%
For fine food lovers,
culinary delights, sent
with your message

Finest Wagyu Rib Of Beef

Lauded as the best beef money can buy, Wagyu holds top spot for many on the list of foods to try. Reason? In two words: fat and flavour. The intricate pattern of intramuscular fat that laces through the meat makes it sensationally tender and gives it a taste all its own. It is also good for human health—a perfect combination. Ours is Members’ favourite from Ifor Humphreys, who raises his Wagyu cattle free-range on the Welsh hills on a diet of beer, grass and racehorse rations, together with the requisite massage which all self-respecting Wagyu cattle require. We all know how flavoursome rib of beef on the bone is—but this finest Welsh Wagyu beef rib joint is on a higher plane altogether. This is great beef with wonderful marbling, which creates the succulent, melt-in-the-mouth texture and the rich, delicious flavour. This is the roast beef to serve—the finest possible beef, as served in Michelin-starred restaurants—but for you, at a fraction of the price. Pictured above, the 3.5kg rib joint: Code WR17AM01. RRP £199. CCUK £109. Click here to order Welsh Wagyu Rib Joint, 3.5kg, saving £90. Many more Wagyu joints and cuts are available. Call us on 020 7399 2960 to specify your requirements: see more Wagyu steaks and joints here.

The ultimate fish: Whole wild Cornish turbot

Delicious wild turbot is the perfect gourmet fish to serve as a centrepiece at a celebration or dinner—Rick Stein, who names turbot the best tasting fish in the world, regards it as one of the few fish he would serve as a main course at a banquet. The Cornish coast produces turbot of incomparable pearly white flesh with a dense, slightly gelatinous yet delicate texture that slides off the bone in pleasingly silky flakes. It has a marvellous flavour, subtle and refined. The trick is to cook it gently. A whole Cornish wild turbot (about 1.5kg) serves four. It will be gutted, ready to cook. Code TR10QF10. RRP £45. CCUK £32 including overnight delivery. Order Wild Cornish Turbot.
For different weights, call the Club on 020 7399 2960. For more fresh fish, click here.

Time to enjoy delicious wild game

With grouse now out of season, fresh wild partridge are still arriving from the English estates—and they are exceptionally good. Mouthwateringly tender, plump, sweet and juicy, large enough to make a good dinner for one, they have a subtle game flavour which is so good. These young partridges are not available to the public—they are exclusively reserved for the top restaurants and Michelin Star chefs, delivered in boxes of 10 birds to their kitchen door each day. These mouthwatering birds are the best quality—as with all our game birds they are sourced from traditional British estates and have enjoyed a wild lifestyle—and they are best served whole, simply roasted, pan-fried or grilled. These mouthwatering birds are the best quality—as with all our game birds they are sourced from traditional British estates and have enjoyed a wild lifestyle—and they are best served whole, simply roasted, pan-fried or grilled. They lend themselves to vibrant accompanying flavours—in particular our autumn fruits—so the chefs create myriad dishes and sauces for them—though plain roasted with a great bottle of wine is fairly unbeatable! Our chef made the most beautiful Roast Partridge with Pear, Blackberry and Herbs. It was served with an excellent, Gold Medal winning La Croix De Saint Jean 'Lo Paire’ 2013 Syrah-Grenache-Mouvedre. The pairing was sensational, wine and partridge complementing each other perfectly (click here to see this wine deal). These birds are the French or red-legged partridge—not the rare English grey—and they are oven-ready, hung and dressed, ready to cook. They arrive fresh, in a box of 10, and if you cannot eat them all at once the remainder will freeze well. The other good thing about these wild partridges is the Club price, which is only £3.97 per bird, including free delivery. Code WP10WH01. RRP £65. CCUK £39.75. Order Box of Fresh Wild Partridges.
For more game, both fresh and in terrines, in the Club Larder, please click here.

The ultimate fresh Beluga caviar

The word Beluga signifies the best—and the Club's fresh Beluga caviar is the very best—and a long-time Members' favourite. It is supplied by the UK's caviar 'queen', Laura King, whose company King’s Fine Food supply Buckingham Palace, Fortnum & Mason, Harrods, the Ritz and the leading airlines and cruise liners for their First Class cabins and staterooms). This superb caviar comes only from fully mature 20-year-old Beluga sturgeon, with the Latin name huso huso. The large, steely-grey eggs have a wonderful soft, creamy texture and a subtle taste with a hint of walnut. Its thin membrane is synonymous with only the best caviar, and top food emporia sell this same caviar at more than twice the Club price. Some caviar sold as ‘Beluga’ is not Beluga at all. Genuine Beluga is only from huso huso, largest of the Caspian Sea sturgeon species. Hybrids are not the same—and King’s is the only company to regularly DNA test their caviar to be 100% sure. These mighty fish reach 24ft long and weigh about 364lb at maturity, which takes two decades. Lesser sturgeon mature at eight years. Hence the exceptional size, flavour and price of the Beluga egg. If you are already a caviar aficionado, you will be delighted with the exceptional Club prices—not only for Beluga, but also Oscietra, Golden Oscietra, Sevruga etc. For example, 30g of Beluga is just £97 for Club Members (instead of the retail price of £209): click for details and to order. Our fresh caviar prices start at only £37 for 30g for King's Fine Food's superb Platinum Caviar: click for details.
To see more of these exceptional caviars and Club prices, available exclusively to Members of CountryClubuk and including caviar gifts and taster packs, please click here.

Instant pan fried Goose Foie Gras: 1kg, only £76

Foie gras is one of the most sublime foods in the world, and we are delighted to have delicious new supplies from the leading Strasbourg producer, which make serving finest pan-fried goose and duck foie gras incredibly quick and easy. It comes from Georges Bruck, and is created for the chef (or budding chef) with an instant gourmet dinner in mind—even two-Michelin-star chefs use this foie gras. The Georges Bruck chefs have expertly prepared high-quality foie gras lobes which are then flash-frozen and heat-sliced into 20 perfect portions. The foie gras retains its structure as well as its fresh taste, so it reduces very little in the cooking. Simply pan-fry in a medium-hot pan (no fat needed) for about 45 seconds on either side, and you have a perfect seared foie gras starter. Each thick slice is enough for one, and you can re-seal and store the rest in the freezer for several months. It arrives in a frozen 1kg pack of 20 portions of 50g each and is kept in a freezer until needed. Goose. Code GF17KG01. RRP £106. CCUK £76. Click to order. Duck. Code DF17KG01. RRP £85. CCUK £57. Click to order. For more foie gras styles, including en gelee and bloc by Georges Bruck and Rougie, please click here.

Var smoked salmon, the best, chemical free

This is salmon as it should be, the fish served by top sushi and Michelin-star chefs. Outside their august establishments Var is not easy to find—so we jumped at the chance to source it for our Members. Var smoked salmon instantly became an all-time Members’ favourite. Var salmon are raised in a revolutionary way in the clear, cold waters of the Faroe Islands, without chemicals or antibiotics, and with far more humane husbandry than the usual salmon farming. It has caught the eye of some of London’s leading chefs: Michel Roux Jr, Mark Hix and John Williams of the Ritz, who named it ‘the best farmed salmon I have had’. As a CountryClubuk Member you can order a side of Var smoked salmon (1kg), sliced by hand (long sliced) or unsliced. CCUK £29.95. Click for details, and to order Var salmon.  

Belgian Chocolate Flaked Truffles: 1kg for £39

Our Belgian Chocolate Flaked Truffles are the truffles the top London Michelin-starred chefs serve in their restaurants with coffee—at enormous expense! They are simply the best—and we are delighted to have arranged exclusively for our Members to enjoy them at a fraction of their value, giving you 1kg of chocolates worth more than £95 for a mere £39 including delivery to your door. The Belgian Chocolate Flaked Truffles are the top-quality classics: smooth fillings enrobed in finest chocolate, then rolled in chocolate flakes to achieve the look of the earth truffle from which they derive their name. We particularly enjoy the dark chocolate truffles, but milk chocolate and white chocolate lovers are also catered for, each in a separate box of 84 truffles. Because these delicious chocolates are sent only to chefs, they are not available in shops (although one fashionable and expensive chocolate maker sells the truffles under its own label). They will arrive still in their plain white box, straight from their artisan makers. We think them ideal to serve after dinner on a bonbonerie or other such platter, and they are perfect for serving at a large party of discerning guests. If giving as a present, they would need to be gift-wrapped. Belgian Chocolate Flaked Truffles in plain dark chocolate or milk chocolate, or white chocolate enrobing milk chocolate truffles. Weight 1kg (a total of 84 truffles). Code BC14WG01. RRP £95. CCUK £39. Free UK mainland delivery. Order Belgian Flaked Truffles.
For more chocolates at exclusive prices, please click here.

The Club Wine Cellar: perfect food pairings
The Club Cellar is brimming with good wines, selected by our independent Club Tasting Panel, and available to you as a Member at exclusive wholesale prices—for example, the world-famous Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc at £97 per case of six bottles delivered to your door, instead of the usual £145 or more. There are many more exceptional wine deals. To view the latest white wines in the Club Cellar, kindly click here. To view the red wines in the Club Cellar, please click here.



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