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A firm Members’ favourite, smoked by the Salmon & Wye Smokery in Gloucestershire, who smoke it for the leading Michelin-star restaurants.
As a Member you can order a premium side of Var smoked salmon (1kg), hand sliced (long sliced), with no brown stains, still on the skin: as with the Michelin-star chefs, it will make you happy to serve smoked salmon at home again. A side serves more than 20 in a buffet, or 15 as a generous starter. Code VS03SW03. CCUK £29.95.

Kobe beef is from Wagyu cattle, a unique breed originating in Kobe, Japan, now raised by Ifor Williams free-range on the Welsh hills on a diet of Welsh beer, Welsh grass and racehorse rations, together with the requisite massage which all self-respecting Wagyu cattle require. Whatever else that diet and health routine does for them, their natural muscle is densely marbled with the finest veins of fat. This, like foie gras, is quite unlike normal steak; the fat starts to melt at room temperature, and it tastes so much better. The meat is wonderfully flavoured, can be finely sliced, cooks rapidly, never goes dry, and has a melting texture: rub a little fat between your fingers, it melts like butter. We are confident that you will find this Welsh Wagyu steak tastes better than any steak you will ever eat.
Here is our collection of Quayside's prime Cornish shellfish: it is mouthwateringly delicious. The fresh-cooked lobsters are sweet and finely textured—caught by traditional potting off the local coast, landed each day (weather permitting), cooked immediately and posted overnight for delivery to your door next day; likewise the crab, which is sweet and richly flavoured, cooked, dressed and ready to eat; the fresh queen scallops with roe are heavenly (you will never want supermarket scallops again!); and the local oysters are the ultimate sea-fresh taste—these are very fine. Add delicious lightly smoked prawns and crevettes from the Cornish Smokehouse nearby—which you can serve just as they are, or use them to make the most wonderful cream sauce for pasta—and you have a seafood feast.
Beluga | Sevruga | Platinum | Calvisius | Ocietra Royal
If you wish to enjoy top-grade Beluga caviar from Iran, the Club has the answer. We supply Members with the best 000 grade Iranian Beluga—and the flavour and texture are sublime. The caviar is produced by one of the most famous of the old Iranian ‘Caviar Masters’, from a farm which is under the strict supervision of the supreme caviar controllers, the Shilat.
This superb caviar comes only from fully mature 20-year-old Beluga sturgeon, with the Latin name huso huso. The large, steely-grey eggs have a wonderful soft, creamy texture and a subtle taste with a hint of walnut. Its thin membrane is synonymous with only the best caviar, and the top food emporia are selling this same caviar at twice if not three times the Club price. But one must beware. Some caviar sold as ‘Beluga’ is not Beluga at all. Genuine Beluga comes only from huso huso sturgeon, the largest of the Caspian Sea sturgeon. Some suppliers sell eggs from hybrid sturgeon as ‘Beluga’, but it is not the same. Only pure huso huso sturgeon produce Beluga, and these mighty fish mature later than other sturgeon—they must be allowed to mature, growing to 24ft long and weighing about 364lb, which takes two decades. Lesser sturgeon mature at eight years. Hence the exceptional size, flavour and price of the
PanFried Foie Gras | Foie Gras En Gelee | Foie Gras En Croute | Foie Gras With Peppers And Champagne | Pegion and Foie Gras Terrine
Foie gras is one of the most sublime foods in the world, and we are delighted to have delicious new supplies from the leading producer, which make serving finest pan-fried foie gras incredibly quick and easy. It comes from Rougié of Périgord, and is designed for the chef (or budding chef) with an instant gourmet dinner in mind—even two-Michelin-star chefs use this delicious fresh foie gras.
The Rougié chefs have expertly prepared high-quality foie gras lobes which are then flash-frozen and heat-sliced into perfect portions. The foie gras retains its structure as well as its fresh taste, so it reduces very little in the cooking.
Simply pan-fry in a medium-hot pan (no fat needed) for about 45 seconds on either side, and you have a perfect seared foie gras starter. Each thick slice is enough for one, and you can re-seal and store the rest in the freezer for several months.
It comes as a frozen pack of 20 portions of 40-60g each and is kept in the freezer until needed.
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