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Ice and fire: rubies and diamonds from Hatton Garden
A magical coalition between natural Burmese rubies and diamonds bewitches the eye in the heart-stopping Oratory Bracelet from London’s Hatton Garden. It is a fabulous statement piece. The flowing line of circular ruby and diamond domes, created in 18ct white gold, is stunning, and holds a secret: the rubies are beautifully marquise cut, that exquisite boat-shaped cut which looks so elegant, and the diamonds are the scintillating round brilliant cut which flashes their white fire. Each set of four rubies encircles the central diamond centre, creating a round motif which encircles the wrist with a stream of spectacular rubies and diamonds. This is a sensational and impressive setting, creating an heirloom haute joaillerie bracelet to treasure. It is also exceptionally flexible, with invisible articulation which allows it to bend and flow fluidly and comfortably on the wrist, just as it should in so fine a bracelet created by an international jeweller, and it is pure pleasure to wear. Length 19cm (7 1/2 in), hallmarked in London. Code RB17GA03. RRP £13,850. CCUK £6,897. Click for details and to order. Click here for more bracelets at exclusive Members-only CountryClubUK savings.

The unique beauty of natural pearls

The natural beauty of baroque pearls derives from their superb lustre and irregular, beautiful silhouettes, making them a constant marvel to behold, and a true fashion statement. Each jewel seemingly a polar opposite of the traditional view of pearl jewellery, in fact natural baroque pearls have been prized since the time of Elizabeth I; the Queen wore them in many portraits, and they have been loved by beautiful women ever since. The Manon Necklace showcases not only lustrous baroque but orchid baroque pearls in myriad hues of white, pink and lilac, each accented by a 14 carat white gold rondell, so that the whole necklace gleams. It is an ideal length for baroque pearls at 18in, finished with a clasp of 14ct gold. Code MN17FP17. RRP £950. CCUK £327. Click for details and to order the Manon Necklace. Click here to view more necklaces at exclusive CountryClubuk prices

Matching baroque pearl earrings: two gleaming pearls mounted on 14ct gold. Code BE17FP17. RRP £750. CCUK £167. Click for details and to order the Manon Earrings. Click here for more earrings at exclusive Club prices.

The new Embrace Bracelet is a fabulous piece, created by an international designer to highlight large natural citrine and amethyst gemstones and natural pearls in a setting of silver and 14ct gold. It is a striking bracelet, gleaming with light, captivatingly elegant and sophisticated. To create this timeless bracelet the designer has worked with two ‘sister’ gemstones, a focus of pale golden citrine and delicate-hued green and purple amethyst, allied with the beauty of natural pearls and crystal. Spheres of sterling silver punctuate the gems and two large spheres of 14ct yellow gold create a dramatic accent to the centre citrine. Together they create the desired impact for a contemporary as well as classic outfit, as lovely with a casual top as with a cocktail dress, with all the originality to make it a 'must wear' piece. Code EB17FP17. RRP £305. CCUK £98. Click for details and to order Embrace Bracelet.

The fabulous Monaco Sapphire and Diamond Ring

More than 40 brilliant-cut diamonds add to the allure of a single oval blue Ceylon sapphire in the glamorous new Monaco Sapphire Ring, bringing its natural radiance into the limelight. This lovely ring perfectly balances the beauty of the gemstones with style and craftsmanship. The sapphire weighs 1.37 carats; its colour is mesmerisingly blue and the diamonds, weighing a total of .57 carats and of excellent quality and colour (F/G VS), are set around the stone in two glittering halos, with a further line of shoulder diamonds glistening along the band of the ring, so that the sapphire is truly garlanded by diamonds. This is an impressive ring from Hatton Garden, which creates real impact. It is hand crafted in 18ct white gold, hallmarked in England. Code BS13GA03. RRP £2,900. CCUK £1,575. Click for details and to order the Monaco Sapphire Ring. Click here to view more rings at exceptional CountryClubuk savings.

Diamonds: Guaranteed High Quality

Our diamond jewellery is at the higher end of the diamond quality scale. For example, the colour grade we major on is F, which is very white in colour, which is one of the first three colours D, E, F, often called collection colours. When not graded F, the next best thing is F/G, which again is at the top end. The clarity of diamond which our jewellers insist on using as standard is VS, which means that its inclusions are visible only through magnification—to the naked eye they are flawless. Using these two high standard of quality marks our jewellery as of a higher standard than many of the top international names in diamond jewellery, who standardise their diamonds at G colour, which is distinctly less white, and the lesser SI, meaning 'Slightly Imperfect'. This is not to say that these grades are not excellent quality—it's just that through the Club you always know exactly what you are buying, and can be sure of the quality, and the 100% moneyback guarantee.

How to grade and value diamonds: the Four Cs

The value of a diamond depends on an assessment of the four Cs—carat, cut, clarity and colour. Of these, the most important element is the Cut, because this influences how the diamond sparkles.

The cut should be of excellent quality with facets at specific angles so that it perfectly reflects the light and creates a ‘fire’ inside. A diamond with at least 56 facets, a table and a point may be called a brilliant. That does not mean other cuts are less precious, for there are many ways to cut a stone and to bring the best out of it. Whether round, tear-shaped, oval or cone-shaped, the most important requirement is that the cut should be appropriate to the stone.

Diamonds are graded for colour, with the ideal being colourless. The less colour, the higher the grade. This is an important, sought-after characteristic because it allows the white light to penetrate the stone unhindered, emerging as a rainbow. Most diamonds are situated between ‘D’, which is ‘colourless’, and ‘Z’, which is light yellow. The colour is determined by comparing the stone with an internationally fixed number of master stones. The colour grades of D, E and F together form what is known as the 'collection colours', which are the best of the colourless diamonds. So-called ‘fancy’ diamonds may be blue, red, green, yellow or even black, are another story.

Carat indicates the weight of the stone; a carat corresponds to 200 milligrams (about 1/140th of an ounce). Cut refers to the cutting of the diamond.

Clarity refers to the purity of the stone. The number, size, and location of any inclusions, transparency, and possible structural irregularities are assessed. In addition, a distinction is made between defects visible to the naked eye and those that can be seen by a 10-power magnifying loupe. The highest grading is FL for ‘flawless’. Then comes IF, ‘internally flawless’, meaning that no inclusions are visible with the same magnifier. The grades below include VVS, ‘very very slightly imperfect’, and VS, ‘very slightly imperfect’ with inclusions visible only with some difficulty with the magnifier, while beingflawless to the naked eye; nonw of the grades so far stated affect the stone’s brilliance. Following these, SI, ‘slightly imperfect’ and I, ‘imperfect’, have inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye, and may affect the stone’s brilliance.

When jewellers are choosing which grade of diamonds to use they also assess how many diamonds will be needed in the piece of jewellery. For long drop earrings, bracelets or necklaces requiring many diamonds, for example, they may choose a slightly lower colour grade—this is to make the piece affordable. But in every case the highest quality diamonds can be chosen, which is where our Members' bespoke service comes in: this is at no extra cost. For our Members the usual savings of from 40% to 60% off the full retail prices will always be arranged.

Expert jewellers' guide to gems and jewellery

With decades of experience behind them, the Club's international jewellers are at hand for Members of CountryClubUK, to make a bespoke piece, or value an item. For a personal appointment at our London headquarters, kindly call us on 020 7399 2960 and ask for the Jewellery Expert.

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How Members enjoy the best jewels!

Buying precious jewellery is both a pleasure and an agony. The pleasure is in possessing the world’s most precious stones. The agony is in wondering if the stones you have bought are really worth what you paid.

Through the great diamond jewellers—Tiffany, Cartier, Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arpels—you may be sure of what you are buying, but you will expect to pay top price for it. There are less expensive sources, but herein lie the pleasures and the agonies. At the Club, all our precious jewellery conforms to set standards. It comes from the heart of the world's jewellery capitals: from London\s Hatton Garden, for example, and from the pearl centres of the South Seas, and it carries an insurance certificate at the full retail value—not the price you pay through the Club, with is generally between 40% and 70% lower than the retail price. So sure are we of its value and quality, that every piece is fully guaranteed, and carries a 100% moneyback guarantee.

Pictured above: From the cover of the latest issue of the exclusive Club Magazine, which you will have received as part of your Club Membership. For details of the fine Tanzanite, Diamond and 18ct white gold 'Revelation Ring', click here. For details of La Traviata South Sea White Pearl and Diamond Necklace, click here.

stunning Jewellery: Pearls, Sapphires and Diamonds

AQUAMARINE, DIAMOND AND 18CT GOLD PENDANT: The liquid blues of a stunning large pear-cut aquamarine topped by flashing diamonds create the focus of this lovely Iolanta Pendant from Hatton Garden. Set on 18ct white gold, beautifully handmade by a craftsman jeweller, it has instant glamour and femininity. The beauty and quality of the 5.85 carat ice blue aquamarine is high—it is flawless to the naked eye—and made even more special by being matched with high-quality round brilliant cut diamonds, .19 carats in weight. The diamonds are very white—F/G in colour, one of the top three diamond ‘collection colours’—and VS in clarity, so they too are flawless to the naked eye. The 18ct white gold chain is 18in in length. Code AR07GA03. RRP £4,600. CCUK £1,998. Members save over £2,600. Click here for more details and to order.

PEARL, DIAMOND AND 18CT WHITE GOLD EARRINGS: Enchanting, iridescent with light, these graceful earrings are designed to feature two gorgeous natural round pearls and 72 diamonds. Like flashing lunar spheres in a cosmic setting of 18ct white gold, they fully deserve their romantic name, The Planets—an ecstatic expression of lunar light. Created in the Hawaiian Isles, they have a touch of unique class which accentuates the beauty of the woman who wears them. The glowing pearls are lustrous and round, 8-8.5mm (an elegant size for pearl earrings), with only the slightest birthmarks to attest to their birth as a natural gem. They sit proud of the diamonds which surround them in a swirl of white gold. They too are high quality, white and glittering, and total .37 carats. These are the pearl earrings a woman will reach for when evening falls: for cocktails, dinner, a party or ball. Total dimensions: 13mm by 11mm. Code VP17CC04. RRP £2,632. CCUK £1,017. Click for details and to order. Click here for more earrings.

BLUE SAPPHIRE, DIAMOND AND 18CT GOLD EARRINGS: The Royal blue sapphire earrings from Ceylon are magnificent, with an unusual emerald cut—and as clip-ons, you can wear them without having pierced ears. The rich blue of these high quality matching sapphires is accentuated by brilliant white diamonds, adding the perfect finishing touch of refinement. These are dramatic, beautiful earrings in a quality and cut not often seen. Set on 18ct white gold, the matching blue sapphires weigh almost 2 carats (1.92), and the diamonds total .22 carats (F/VS). Code SE19GA03. RRP £4,100. CCUK £2,395. Click here for more details and to order. Click here for more earrings

Fine Jewels from London's world-Renowned
diamond centre, Hatton Garden

CEYLON SAPPHIRE, DIAMOND AND 18CT WHITE GOLD EARRINGS: An exceptional pair of sapphire, diamond and 18ct white gold earrings. Named Les Jardins de la Princesse, designed and created by an international craftsman jeweller, the exquisite design features 10 large natural blue sapphires like precious fruits on a diamond bough, its leaves moving as if caught in a breeze. This style is at one with the Parisian haute joaillerie of today, the inspiration from the natural world and the open air, and the quality of gems and craftsmanship is dazzling and detailed. The 18ct white gold setting is beautiful, set with 10.71 carats of oval cut Ceylon sapphires and 3.92 carats of diamonds, round brilliant cut, F/G in colour and VS in quality, thus flawless to the eye. Length 6cm (just over 2in). Hallmarked in England. Code LJ17GA03. RRP £20,000. CCUK £9,975. Click for more details and to order. Click here for more earrings at exclusive Club prices.

CEYLON SAPPHIRE, DIAMOND AND 18CT GOLD BRACELET: Imaginative design creates the Isola Bella Bracelet, which is truly spectacular. Hundreds of round brilliant diamonds and 25 natural Ceylon sapphires create what might be seen as a square-cut sapphire and diamond bracelet. In fact, the gemstones are round brilliant cut, capturing the light and scintillating as only that important round brilliant cut can do. This bracelet is the best of both worlds—its gemstones thrust out ‘white fire’, and the square-cut impression is an exceptional high jewellery bracelet design. The sapphires are large and a beautiful, luminous mid blue colour, their weight an eyebrow-raising 13.27 carats. The diamonds are F/G colour and VS clarity, all high-quality natural stones, flawless to the eye. The setting is 18ct white gold. The Isola Bella is a stunning, and very special, precious bracelet to possess. Length 19cm (7 1/2 in). Fully hallmarked in England. Code IB13GA03. RRP £19,880. CCUK £9,697. Click for more details and to order Isola Bella Bracelet.

Contemporary Style in onyx, crystal and gold

Glittering, glamorous faceted black onyx together with the gleam of yellow gold and the lustre of a large natural crystal cabochon are designed to create the sophisticated and very beautiful Verdi Necklace. Dramatic, stylish, this new necklace has real wow factor. The sparkling clear natural crystal, the rich black onyx and the gleaming gold look superb together, stylish and sophisticated, and go with so many outfits, from evening and cocktail dresses to smart suits. The Verdi is modern and yet so classical, it looks a million dollars. The spheres and clasp are in 14ct gold, and the length is 17in. Code VN17FP17. RRP £650. CCUK £269. Click for full details and to order Verdi Necklace. Click here to view more necklaces at exclusive CountryClubuk prices



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