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'Her string of little beads, her pearls, her rough cut gemstones, diamonds, we hung about her neck'

Whether it’s a quirky setting, an unusual cut or a colourful stone, these gemstone trends for 2016 stand out from the crowd. The vogue for organic shapes, rough cuts and textures in precious gem jewellery is setting the scene this season—and this gorgeous new gemstone and diamond collection is exciting and fascinating.

Organic shapes, cuts and stones inspired by Nature—the sort of thing one finds at eyewatering prices in Liberty's for example—are from the studio of a talented international designer. The bespoke jewellery designs are in fact a study in geology. These graphic pieces show the original colours and forms of natural precious gemstones—emeralds, sapphires and diamonds, turquoise and tourmaline. Each piece is created to reveal the nature of an unenhanced gemstone. The jewellery which emerges is romantic, unique, original and timeless—as well as beautifully in vogue. And as with all our precious gem jewellery, each piece arrives in a smart box for presentation and carries an insurance valuation certificate at the full retail price, as well as a 100% moneyback guarantee.

Pictured above, the stunning Wild Edition earrings showcase a two-tiered drop in natural emeralds, sapphires and diamonds,. Hand-crafted in natural emeralds and sapphires, beautifully rose-cut and set with pavé diamonds in 18ct gold over silver, these double-drop earrings have a unique design which perfectly accents the trend, playing up the natural beauty of the lightly faceted gemstones. The natural sapphires weigh 20 carats, the emeralds 30 carats and the pavé-set diamonds weigh 0.68 carats. The length is 6cm (just over 2.25in). There is one pair only.
Code CS01RG02. RRP £1,295. CCUK £597. Click for details and to order.

The beautiful simplicity of this Senza Freno double gemstone drop necklace is highlighted by the luxurious shimmer of a natural hand-carved emerald and a large tear-drop faceted sapphire surrounded by a cluster of cognac diamonds. Subtly set in 18ct yellow gold over silver, this necklace brings a natural elegance into everyday wear and a transfixing mystique after dark. The emerald weighs 6 carats, the sapphire weighs 20 carats, and the diamonds are full cut. There is one only.
Code LN01RG02. RRP £695. CCUK £317. Click for details and to order.

The trend is to use natural gemstones to draw attention to the face—and these elegant earrings in Imperial topaz, faceted turquoise and 18ct gold over sterling silver perfectly suit the new mood. Imperial topaz is a special gemstone, the rarest topaz, and with its glorious golden colour it sparkles like Champagne, bubbling over the Arizona turquoise rocks. Turquoise is the summer gemstone par excellence, like a bright summer sky with a tracery of clouds, its ‘web’ markings distinct and unique.

In these Blue Hawaii earrings a cluster of pale golden Imperial topaz—each teardrop-cut gemstone faceted to catch the light and reflect it back on to the face—sit like a festoon of golden globes above the turquoise, with its beautiful rose cut, set in yellow gold over silver. These are lovely, summery earrings. No two are alike.

Length 50mm (2in). Code TC15CC04. RRP £400. CCUK £197. Details and to order.

Enigmatic in its dark mystique and transfixing in its subtle shimmer, the rose-cut teardrop natural emeralds and sapphires in these gorgeous Dreamcatcher earrings are encircled with pavé-set diamonds and held within a setting of 18ct gold on sterling silver. Understated, natural, richly jewel coloured and classically romantic, this gorgeous design brings a unique highlight to all occasions. The emeralds weigh approximately 18 carats, the sapphires are 25 carats and the diamonds weigh more than half a carat. The length is 6cm (just over 2.25in). There is one pair only.
Code DE01RG02. RRP £1,350. CCUK £607. Click for details and to order.

The natural splendour of glittering faceted 'green gold' (otherwise known as lemon quartz) and teardrop labradorite is simply and beautifully drawn out with minimal gold settings in the unique, natural Savoir Faire pendant necklace. For this piece the international designer harnessed the energy of the sunny, lightly faceted lemon quartz festooned with lavender labradorite, for a touch of stone therapy—the Inuit people claim labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, and it allows one's innate magical powers to surface! Whatever the merits of this folklore, labradorite is a stunning stone, its natural lavender colour pairing beautifully with the luminous green-gold shimmer of the lemon quartz for a delightful spring and summer look, and each pendant is truly unique.

The total pendant length is approximately 5.5cm (2.25in). Code SF01RG02.
RRP £698. CCUK £279. Click for details and to order.

The fabulous Anguria earrings are dramatic, innovative, fashionable—and unique; there is only one pair. They showcase elegant watermelon tourmalines and rough-cut diamonds, and the effect is mesmerisingly beautiful.

Watermelon tourmaline is unique among tourmalines: here the gemstones are in two sophisticated shades of the pink fruit from the heart of the gemstone. They are hand-carved and combined with natural rough-cut diamonds, giving an on-trend as well as a timeless beauty to your style. At the top, two leaf-cut tourmalines are spiked with six rough-cut white diamonds. The lower tourmalines are natural watermelon pink surrounded by channel-set chocolate diamonds. These gorgeous gemstones are beautifully hand-set in 18ct gold over sterling silver and the earrings are fashionably long at 6cm by 1.5-2cm wide (2.5in by just under 1in).

Code WT15CC04. RRP £1,250. CCUK £597. Click for details and to order.

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