Diamonds: the world’s most precious gem: symbols of beauty, excellence and finesse. And here is a fabulous new collection of fine diamond classics: the necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings every woman desires.

To underping the beauty of the jewellery, we offer five vital guarantees: first, a more valuable stone for a lesser price (up to 55% less than independent expert valuations); secondly, a full 100% guaranteed refund; thirdly, larger diamonds officially certified and valued by IGL, EGL, HRD or GIA, the independent worldwide diamond laboratories; fourthly, all pieces are fully hallmarked; and fifthly, they carry an insurance valuation certificate at the full retail price—not at the Club price, which is always significantly lower.

The reason our prices are so advantageous is that Members pay the price at which jewellers buy, not sell, their diamonds. See the new collection below. For independent advice, call our experts on 020 7399 2960.
Monaco diamond necklace
The dazzling Monaco Diamond Cluster Necklace from the new Constellation Collection features a fabulous oval shape highlighting .70 carats of diamonds in a 14mm by 11mm oval set in 18ct white gold on an 18in 18ct white gold chain.

The large 10-stone oval centrepiece is surrounded by a double cluster of diamonds, giving size and sparkle to attract immediate attention and a sensational effect. This is a diamond necklace with impact.

Diamond colour grade G, clarity grade SI1. Full 100% moneyback guarantee, insurance valuation certificate at full retail price. Smart presentation case.
Retail jeweller's price £2,300.
Club Members' price £1,157.

Aurora diamond necklace
The stunning Aurora Diamond Cluster Necklace from the Constellation Collection features .73 carats of diamonds in a supremely stylish 10mm diameter round pendant. Classical in design, this is not a single-stone solitaire diamond (see later pieces for these) but five centre diamonds brilliantly set off by a round diamond halo—classic diamond jewellery which makes a lasting impression.

Diamonds: .73 carats, colour G, therefore near-colourless, SI1 clarity, round brilliant cut. Setting: 18ct white gold. Fully hallmarked in England. Chain, 18ct white gold, 18in. Full 100% moneyback guarantee, insurance valuation certificate at full retail price. Smart presentation case.

Cressida diamond necklace
The sensational Cressida Diamond Cluster Necklace from the new Constellation Collection creates a very special diamond necklace. It features more than a carat of natural diamonds (1.09 carats), colour G, clarity grade SI1 in an unusual, 11mm rectangular cluster setting beautifully represented in sparkling diamonds within its 18ct carat White Gold setting.

The four-stone centrepiece of round brilliant cut diamonds is surrounded by a halo of round brilliant-cut diamonds. This is a stunning and original piece of cluster diamond jewellery which any woman will adore.

With 18in, 18ct white gold chain. Full 100% moneyback guarantee, insurance valuation certificate at full retail price. Hallmarked in England. Smart presentation case.
Diamond solitaire necklace
The solitaire diamond necklace is a truly timeless design and here, a beautiful single .71 carat diamond of excellent cut, colour, clarity and brilliance is elegantly showcased in a claw setting in 18ct white gold, on an 18in white gold chain.

This fine piece carries an IGL (International Gemological Laboratory) gemological report and valuation, which states: 'One 18 carat white gold pendant with chain set with one round brilliant cut natural diamond. Total diamond weight .71 carat. Shape and Cutting Style: Round brilliant. Cut grade: Very Good. Colour grade: F (therefore colourless, one of the top three diamond grades). Clarity grade: VS1 (ie flawless to the eye). Excellent Ideal Finish. 100% natural.' Full 100% moneyback guarantee. Hallmarked in England.

Diamond solitaire earrings
These stunning diamond solitaire stud earrings set in 18ct white gold are the classic diamond earrings a woman desires. Craftsman-made to highlight 2 full carats of thrilling, high-quality round brilliant cut diamonds, they are the perfect size and quality to make a lasting impression and a family heirloom. The perfectly matched diamonds are an especially good colour: grade E, colourless, one of the two best diamond colours recorded, which allows the supreme 'white fire' of the diamonds to dazzle at their best.

Superb diamond stud earrings are never out of style, always classically perfect—and because one can never go wrong with an all-time classic, they make a most treasured gift. They carry an independent IGL (International Gemological Laboratory) gemological report, stating: '18 carat white gold pair of earrings set with two round brilliant cut natural diamonds. Total diamond weight 2.02 carats. Colour grade E. Clarity grade SI1/2. Cut grade, Very Good. Excellent Ideal Finish: 100% natural diamonds, conflict-free.' Full 100% moneyback guarantee. Hallmarked in England .
Diamond bracelet in 18ct rose gold
When a woman wears fine diamonds, it is she who sparkles. The diamond epitomises beauty, pure and simple. It is the jewel every woman loves and can wear, regardless of individual style and occasion—and the classic diamond 'tennis bracelet' is an all-time favourite, showcasing a line of fine diamonds and the elegance of a woman's wrist.

The classic ‘diamonds are forever’ bracelet is reinterpreted here in romantic 18 carat rose gold (named 'pink gold' by Cartier et al), which offers an especially romantic elegance all its own. This is a gorgeous bracelet of 56 round brilliant-cut diamonds at an impressive 5.61 carats in weight, prong-set to perfection in 18-carat rose gold. Its diamonds are especially fine in colour—at E-F they are colourless and of the highest grades, so that the 'white fire' of the diamonds really flashes. This fine bracelet carries an IGL certificate. It is fully hallmarked in England, with a 100% moneyback guarantee.

Diamond bracelet in 18ct white gold
The flowing ‘white fire’ of diamonds is clear for all to see in this stunning diamond tennis bracelet. This, the all-time classic, is at once a family heirloom and an icon of statement jewellery. A superb bracelet of round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 5.79 full carats of diamonds, it is prong-set to perfection in 18ct white gold to create a magnificent line of jewels in a glittering bracelet. The diamonds are E-F in colour and VS2-SI2, so the ‘white fire’ really glows from within.

This fine bracelet has been examined and valued by IGL, the International Gemological Laboratory, which states: '18 carat white gold bracelet set with 56 round brilliant cut natural diamonds, total diamond weight 5.79 carats. Diamond colour grade E-F. Clarity VS2-SI2. Cut grade Very Good. Excellent Ideal Finish. 100% Natural Diamonds. Conflict Free.' Fully hallmarked in England. Full 100% moneyback guarantee.
Diamond solitaire platinum ring
The diamond solitaire ring is the most famous and fabulous ring of all time. Its brilliance, luxury and superlative beauty made it the ultimate symbol of true love. The elegance of the lines and refined setting allow the light of the diamond to flow freely—making the diamond solitaire the most perfect of all.

This fabulous ring is beautifully made in platinum, set with a single round brilliant cut diamond weighing 1.62 carats, colour J and clarity VS2. It has been examined and valued by EGL (European Gemological Laboratories).
Diamond halo earrings
A beautiful pair of diamond earrings which feature a pair of single large stones within a halo of smaller diamonds offer the best of all worlds—the flash of a fabulous single diamond and a larger presence overall. Here, two round brilliant diamonds are surrounded by their coronet of smaller diamonds, adding up to a total of 42 diamonds weighing .65 carats.

The colour grade is F, clarity grade VS, in an open setting which accentuates the diamond ‘inner fire’. The colour is excellent—colourless and graded in the ‘Top Three’—and flawless to the naked eye. The setting is 18ct white gold. Fully hallmarked in England. 100% moneyback guarantee.
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