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Arte & Mare Elia Suites
There can be no surprise that the Greek Island of Mykonos is called 'The Island of the Winds' because you can be sure of a cooling breeze even in the hottest months. It is also known as the 'Capri of Greece' because of the number of beaches lining its coastline, and it is here on Elia Beach, the largest of the southern beaches, that you will find the Arte & Mare Elia Suites, the only five-star boutique hotel on Mykonos, with its own private beach and only metres from the main beach. Elia has just 15 suites, each a voyage of discovery both in vivid colour and design, all equipped with luxurious bedrooms, Jacuzzi baths, terry robes and slippers, spacious living quarters with handpicked furniture and fully-equipped kitchen areas. Whether it's a pool view or a sea view, the rustic whitewashed walls of the Elia suites evoke images of a traditional and authentic Greek village atmosphere, set against the rugged landscape. Elia Suites is a taste of fine Mykonos hospitality where our Members receive special rates . . . more


Canaves Oia Hotel & Suites
For an island of unbridled romance, it is extraordinary to think that Santorini is responsible for the largest single volcanic eruption known to man. An eruption so enormous it created what is now The Caldera, the horseshoe-shaped lagoon around the island, ended the Minoan civilisation on Crete and quite possibly created the legend of Atlantis. While this historic nugget might not instantly conjure up images of idyllic tranquil beauty, it does perhaps explain just why Santorini's landscape is so breathtaking; her whitewashed villages clinging like limpets to the tops of her steep cliffs.

Just such a village is Oia, lying on the northern tip of Santorini, her landmark blue-and-white domed houses, in many cases carved directly into the volcanic rock wall leading down into the Caldera. Here too lies the Canaves Oia Hotel and Suites, a luxury boutique property that offers sweeping views across the Caldera from its lofty perch, the dramatic 17th-century former wine caves hacked out of the cliff face, transformed into a clutch of luxury suites. The Canaves Oia Hotel and Suites makes full use of Santorini's dramatic landscape to give you an unforgettable experience. . . . more


Melian Hotel & Spa
Milos is a blissful hidden gem in the Greek islands, visited mostly by in-the-know Greeks themselves. They go there for its stunning beaches, of which there are more than 50, and to enjoy good authentic Greek restaurants and hotels with style and panache. The island is also a natural wonder of the world. Along the north coast of Milos the sea has eroded long, narrow channels between intricately sculpted white rocks, producing the beaches of Sarakiniko, Kapros and, more dramatically, the extraordinary sea caves of Papafragas, where you can sunbathe on a tiny strip of beach and swim in a crystal clear fjord fringed by sheer white cliffs. It is, frankly, amazing. Our Members love it . . . more

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